SmartCord™ and LiteRise® Blinds

Innovative, easy to use, and child-friendly


Suitable for all kinds of windows in either the home or office, designed for ease of use SmartCord™ uses a revolutionary and patented cord mechanism to raise and lower the blind. It features a retractable pull cord that maintains a constant cord length, which means no more dangling cords to detract from the appearance of the blind and offers an effortless and child friendly operation.

LiteRise® is a completely cordless system and ultimate in child safety, this cordless push up, pull down system raises and lowers the product with the touch of a finger. Its proprietary design holds the shades securely in any position. LiteRise® reduces potential safety hazards, offers more user comfort and a beautifully streamlined appearance.

LiteRise® Blinds. Window Blinds Manufacturer UK