Rooflight Blinds

Available in three different options - Roller, Pleated, and Combination Blinds.

Rooflight blinds: easy to fit

The Rooflight Roller Blind is available in either an aluminium finish or in white at no extra cost. The side channels guide the fabric as the blind is operated and provides a high degree of light control. The fabric is held in the channels by small buttons which ensure the fabric remains in place at all times. The tensioning of the bottom bar allows the blind to be set to any position in the window frame.

As with the Roller blind, the Rooflight Pleated Blind is available in white or aluminium finishes along with complimentary side channels. Pleated and Duette® blinds are available with the fabric pulling down from the top of the window and also as a flying blind; where the fabric may be positioned anywhere on the window with the aid of two moving bars.

The Rooflight Combination Blind is supplied as a combination of a roller and a pleated blind. The roller blind is positioned at the top and the pleated blind is then attached to the Roller blind bottom bar. Both blinds may be fully opened or individually closed.