Roller Blinds

Versatile, stylish, at home in a range of environments.

Made To Measure Roller Blinds

Our Roller Blinds provide a smart finish to a room and are easy to use. We ensure the highest quality of our materials through sourcing fabrics from within the EU, which guarantees a top standard of blind.

The versatility of our made-to-order roller blinds allows them to be light-weight or heavy-duty and made with translucent or blackout fabrics, which makes the suitable for domestic and commercial properties.

Features such as spring and electric operation, and a variety of trims allows for bespoke blinds which can enhance any room design. Additionally, endless stylish hardware options add a touch of class to any room.

Roller Blinds Manufacturer - Window Blinds Supplier UK

Tips & Advice

When it comes to selecting the correct fabric for your blinds, it’s not just down to picking the fabric design then making the blind and fitting it. We have to consider the functionality of the blind and what the customer is ultimately trying to achieve with the blind, out with the fabric design. This can differ depending upon which room the blind is going to be fitted in but may also differ due to the customers specification. It is important to decide whether the customer wants some light to be coming in through the fabric, or whether they want zero light coming through the fabric.

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