Faux Wood Blinds

Offer the beautiful look of real wood with all the benefits of PVC making them a stylish and practical solution for all interior styles.

A modern and practical choice

The wooden blind is a very popular choice
in the home just now, but have you considered
a faux wood alternative?

Our Timber Impressions range of faux wood slats
bring a beautiful real wood look but with a wide range of benefits you wouldn’t get with a real wood blind.


Easy to clean

Being made from PVC, faux wood blinds are waterproof in nature and therefore very easy to clean.

Fire retardant

Our Faux Wood blinds are Fire Retardant – a great selling point for your customers.

Humid environments

The strong material of faux wood blinds mean they can be used in humid environments. Suitable for any room in the home, ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.


All colours available in 50mm slat widths with popular whites
available in 38mm

• Blinds can be made up to 2550mm wide
• Fire retardant
• Co-ordinating tapes available

Available now, contact your ASM
or the Customer Service Department to order yours!