Motorised Blinds

The convenience of Motorised Blinds – Smart Technology

We are currently in the peak of modern interior design and home automation, motorised blinds have become a very a popular choice, blending functionality with technology. These window coverings will provide your customers homes with a number of advantages, from convenience and energy efficiency to enhanced privacy. Offer your customers a luxury blind choice with our range of made-to-measure motorised blinds!

Enhanced Security and Privacy –

Motorised blinds increase the security of your customers homes by creating the appearance of someone being there even when no one is in. By providing the impression that the home is occupied, this can prevent possible intruders by arranging automated schedules for the blinds to open and close. Furthermore, motorised blinds provide full control over the degree of privacy your customers will want as they can move the blinds into the desired position without ever having to touch them.

Smart Home Systems –

One of the most appealing aspects of motorised blinds is their compatibility with smart home setups. Imagine controlling blinds effortlessly with just a tap on a smartphone or a voice command to your virtual assistant! Whether your customer uses an Amazon Alexa or Goggle Assistant motorised blinds can seamlessly integrate into an existing smart home, allowing for centralised control of the home.

Energy Efficiency –

Controlling natural light can significantly impact energy consumption. Motorised blinds can be programmed to respond to environmental factors, such as sunlight and temperature, optimizing energy efficiency. By automatically adjusting the blinds throughout the day, the need for air conditioning can be reduced in summer and heating in winter, ultimately saving on energy costs.

Convivence and Ease of Use –

You customers will be saying goodbye to the hassle of manually adjusting their blinds throughout the day. Motorised blinds allow your customers to automate their window treatments based on their schedule or preferences. Program them to open gradually in the morning to wake gently with natural light, and then close at night for privacy and insulation. With motorised blinds, your customer can effortlessly manage their home’s natural light and privacy levels with minimal effort, since the blinds have never had to be handled this will also make them look better for a lot longer.

What can you motorise?

We offer motorised options for our Roller, Vertical, Pleated, Roman and Venetian blinds across a variety of brands, so, whether your customer wants to upgrade an existing home or designing a new one, installing motorised blinds can elevate their living experience. Embrace the future of home automation and transform space with these innovative window coverings. Let your customers experience the ease and luxury of motorised blinds, and discover a new level of comfort and control in their home.

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