Customer Service at Stevens Scotland

Welcome to the first blog of Stevens Scotland Ltd. This blog will focus on Customer Service and what we believe this means to us and most importantly, our customers (You)!


At Stevens Scotland Ltd, it has always been at the forefront of everything we do, to have the best customer service which in turn gives our customers confidence that we are focused on them. ‘Good Customer Service’ is a term used too often in business and is one that can actually be over used and taken for granted. What do we actually mean when we say ‘Good Customer Service’?

  • Does it mean we should strive to give the customer the best experience?
  • Does it mean the customer is satisfied at every encounter with our business?
  • Does it mean the customer is happy with our products and aftercare?
  • Should it mean that the customer has 100% confidence in selling our products to consumers?

Well in all honesty, it should include all of these points and possibly some more!

Something that should be used in business is offering Customer ‘WOW’ – however the question is – what is customer ‘WOW’? What is amazing customer service?

Imagine you went to your local supermarket and you pulled up outside in your car and there was plenty of parking – great! You then go inside, pickup one of the many available trolleys and begin to walk around the aisles collecting your shopping. You find every item on your list and everything was fairly priced, you even took advantage of some discount offers for Buy One Get One Free etc. The offers in the store meant that you got some extra items you didn’t actually go for, but they were on offer too and you felt the impulse to treat yourself. Next, you go to the check out and are served by the checkout person, who helps with your packing and engages in some pleasant conversation. Finally, you pay before heading out to your car where you load up your shopping, take your trolley back and then return to your car to go home.

Did you leave the supermarket happy? You got everything you needed after finding a parking space right at the entrance of the store, you easily found a good trolley, you got a couple of deals and received great service at the checkout. Everything went to plan! Is this good customer service? Most people would say yes. However, when we get good customer service these days, it can go unrecognised because it was ‘as expected’. It’s just normal to get this experience at a supermarket.

The key to Customer ‘WOW’ is to tick all of the ‘as expected’ boxes but then work out how to go the ‘Extra Mile’ to that next level of service. At Stevens Scotland, we believe that we tick all of those boxes and continually strive to do so. We’re always focusing on rewarding customer loyalty as well as investing in new product development, and we’re proud to offer fantastic quality products that are fairly priced and easy to order via numerous platforms. We are now focusing on what the ‘Extra Mile’ will be for our customer. So, all we can say is ‘Watch This Space’

Thank you for reading this blog and we hope you enjoy our future blogs on more selected subjects.

Article by Anita Burnett

Customer Services Manager at Stevens Scotland Ltd.

Anita leads the inside sales team at Stevens and is considered by many of our customers to be the voice of Stevens. Anita understands the needs of your business more than most and she has in depth knowledge of all our products and suppliers, having been with us almost 30 years.