Blinds Make Better

Blinds Make Better is a national campaign to highlight how shading products can
have a positive impact on buildings that people live, work and socialise in.

Often seen as a decorative accessory, choosing the right window blind can also
retain or deflect heat, control light levels and glare, improve wellbeing, save on
energy bills as well as providing style and privacy for your customers. They can do so
much more than people realise!

There are four key benefits of selecting the right blinds for the home.

Energy Saving

Rising energy costs are a key focal point for everyone at the moment. Window blinds
are a fantastic way to save energy, keeping the home warmer in Winter and cooler in

18% of heat loss in homes occurs through the windows. Helping your customers
choose the right window product can actually save them money.
New independent research* shows that blinds can reduce heat loss through
windows by up to 33%!*


The choices customers make can reduce their impact on the environment. Homes
are being built with typically wider windows which means larger areas of glazing.
Climate change is also creating a noticeable shift in the weather, with Summer’s in
the UK bringing increased temperatures and heatwaves. Considering the different
requirements for shading and privacy should be considered when selling window
blind products.

Reducing the reliance on heating, cooling or artificial lighting by placing the best
shading product can start to work towards reducing CO2 emissions and greenhouse

We have a wide range of eco recycled products to choose from. Not only are these
made from recycled materials, they also use less water, chemicals and energy during
the manufacturing process which help sell the story of supporting climate change.


Shading can significantly improve the indoor comfort of a room and improve
people’s wellbeing.

Keeping the home warm in Winter, and cooler in Summer by avoiding extreme
temperatures as well as maintaining light levels and privacy has been shown to
contribute to positive emotional and mental responses.

Window blinds can reduce glare in the room and shield carpets and furniture from
sun damage. People prefer natural daylight to artificial light. You can show your
customers how their blinds can diffuse light while maintaining comfortable daylight
levels, removing any glare or reflections which could bring negative effects.

Privacy and security in the home can also be assisted with your blinds. There are a
variety of different product options which can help provide a level of privacy from the
outside world and also security should they not wish certain rooms/items to be on
view and deter potential intruders.

For added security when they’re not home, motorised blinds are the ideal answer,
allowing them to pre-set or control their blinds remotely to give the impression the
house is still occupied.


Motorised blinds can bring technology to your customers to let them effortlessly
open and close their blinds, and they’re becoming a much more affordable option.

The development of this technology has many benefits including:

  • Reaching windows in high, inaccessible locations
  • Ability to control your blinds when you’re not at home for added security
  • Link several blinds together for quick and easy operation
  • Integration with smart home devices for voice control

Motorised blinds also bring a fantastic selling point that they are child safe by design.
Removing the need for any operating cords or chains means they are a great child or
pet safe alternative.

Find out more from the BBSA here:


*Results from product tests at University of Salford’s Energy House Laboratory. Centre pane U-value measurements on a modern double glazed low-e window. Improvements shown above are against the same window with no covering*