Quality Products & Fast Delivery

One of the areas that Stevens (Scotland) prides itself on is the attention to detail regarding service and in particular delivery to the customer when it is required. How do Stevens (Scotland) Limited achieve deliveries that others fail to meet? The answer is in the process from order placement through to despatch, every link being a critical part in the chain.

The Stevens Sales Desk
This is where your order comes into the company, be it by post, telephone, fax or Email. The order is checked to ensure that all aspects are correct. If there is any doubt the customers is phoned for clarification. Once the sales administrator is happy the details are correct it is then input into the system via a sophisticated software programme.

The order is then printed off and checked by another sales administrator to ensure that errors are kept to a minimum.

Any special requests, like rapid delivery, are highlighted for the Production Manager to ascertain the request feasibility – if the request cannot be met the order is immediately returned to the administrator and the customer is then contacted to inform them of the position.

Every order is passed through to the Production Manager who then prioritises to ensure that all delivery dates are met. The paperwork is then passed to Department Heads at various stages throughout the day.

Orders are then built to the customers’ specification; it could be that up to 8 people would be involved in the building of one blind. Each process is double-checked by another member of the department and then every completed blind is checked to ensure that the size made matches the requested details. On the inside of headrails there is an identification label, that displays all of the order and manufacturing details. This is as good as a written guarantee, for all information relating to the order can be traced back to the customers’ original order – which is always kept on file.

Following manufacture the blinds are then passed on to the despatch department who are constantly preparing product in readiness for uplift. Collections are arranged by our carriers every single working day and they do not leave our premises until after close of business. This gives us the opportunity to fit in orders up until the last minute of the day. Despatch can label packaging to suit a customers requirement, this can be important for people who operate as trade suppliers and do not want details of the Stevens operation visible to their customer.

The final piece in the jigsaw is our carriers they uplift and can deliver product to all 4 corners of the mainland within 24 hours and importantly there is not a cost levy for this service. All of the Stevens product is produced and delivered to your door at trade price and no more. Even if you require 5 deliveries a week there will not be a charge levied against you.