The British Blind & Shutter Association

The British Blind & Shutter Association

Your Guarantee of Quality and Service
Stevens (Scotland) Ltd is an active member of the B.B.S.A, an organisation which ensures that members achieve high standards and maintain them.

Code of Practice
The BBSA Code of Practice was established in order to give consumers the secure knowledge that by using the services of a BBSA Member they will receive quality products, expert fitting and a full back-up service.

All applications for membership are thoroughly vetted and are subject to a detailed inspection of their premises. Observance of the Code of Practice is a condition of membership of the Association.

Should a complaint occur it should be directed to the member involved who is required to deal with it promptly and courteously.

If the customer is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint the matter may then be referred to the British Blind and Shutter Association.

Any member may be subject to the Association’s disciplinary procedures if found in breach of the Code of Practice.

Copies of the full code of Practice may be obtained by contacting the Association Secretary in writing.